Guidelines for children, their parents and others

The Central Coast Bush Dance and Music Association strives to make our Second Saturday bush dances as enjoyable as possible for people of all ages and levels of ability. The following guidelines have been framed to facilitate the participation of good and considerate dancers of all ages.


Dance structure The dance before supper is the "family" dance portion, with easier dances, which accommodate novices and children. The dance after supper is the portion for more accomplished dancers (including the better child dancers), having a higher standard and stricter rules.

Dancers are asked to respect the Caller's advice about the suitability of a particular dance for children and/or inexperienced dancers.

All children should be made aware that this is a dance for adults as well as children and that they must be on their best behaviour, with no yelling and no running.

No one is to be on the dance floor during dances unless they are dancing.

Children and non-dancing patrons should keep to, and walk around, the edges of the hall. Children are not permitted to walk around with drinks, as these may be dropped and make the floor sticky or slippery.

Dancing during musical breaks Dancers should be mindful of other patrons' need to access toilets and kitchen and to socialise/move around during musical breaks

The committee reserves the right to remove dancers from the dance floor and the dance!


Children should be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

General dancing Children 9 and over may dance in the general dance. When dancing, younger children should be paired with a consenting adult, except where a children's set is formed.

Children's sets "Children only" dance areas to be available at rear of hall and in centre of circle dances and are open to children of all ages.

Partnered dances Children under 9 must be accompanied by their own parent or a consenting adult.

Simple Set dances, which involve dancing with others No children 6 or under. Children over 6 must be with a consenting and competent partner.

Progressive dances Children over 6 may only dance a progressive dance where they are confidently able to dance with any partner, including those they do not know, with the exception of the Barn Dance, which is open to all.

Complex progressive and set dances involving change of partners (eg Love 'em and Leave 'em) and many Contra Dances No children under 9 and then only with an experienced partner when the dance is taught, ie the Dancers’ dance taught after being demonstrated.

(These guidelines are designed be flexible enough to accommodate dancers of all ages and experience. If you have further suggestions, feel free to put them to a committee member.)



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