Dance Photos

Jane Austen Theme Night
Saturday May 11th 2019

Evening Tea Dance
Saturday April 13th 2019


Dancing by the Water
January 2019


Armistice Theme Social Dance
Saturday November 10th 2018


Flannel Flower Spring Ball
Saturday October 13th 2018



20th Year Celebratory Dance
Saturday May 12th 2018


Ragtime Bushdance
Saturday April 14th 2018


Ragtime Theme
Saturday November 8th 2014


Flannel Flower Spring Ball
Saturday October 11th 2014


Dances from the British Isles
Saturday May 10th 2014


An Evening of Dance with JH Dance Band
Saturday April 12th 2014


Banksia Ball
Saturday July 13th 2013


Flannel Flower Masked Ball
Saturday October 13th 2012


Colonial Theme Night
Saturday July 14th 2012


Wattle Blossom Formal Colonial Dance
Saturday July 10th 2010

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